Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Turning Over A New Leaf...

Hello all!  Sorry to make it two separate posts, but my computer wouldn't format and I have to be honest in saying that I'd much rather create a new post, then have to fight with my computer.  I am just not that savy.

Yesterday was NUTS.  Since moving here I have been on a desperate hunt for a job, any job.  I am a stones through away from applying to a fast food restaurant even.  Who ever said you were guaranteed a good job as a college graduate obviously didn't have a magic ball to see what the economy would be like this day in age.  I feel so completely and utterly defeated at this point.  In a town the size of 60,000+ people you'd think I could find something.  I mean I have a FREAKING DEGREE and I can't even get a job at Old Navy.  It stresses me out badly because never in my life have I ever felt so useless.  Ok, well I guess that isn't entirely true.  There were plenty of times during my college career where I felt like the world was going on without me, but at least I was able to work hard and pull myself out of the deep black hole I had created for myself.  Now though...I am just praying that out of all the resumes, cover letters, and applications I submitted, someone will want to talk to me.

What happened to the good ole days where you could go in and talk to the manager FACE TO FACE, let them get to know you a bit, and then ask for an application knowing that you put your best foot forward, right out of the gate, and made a good impression?  When we lived in NY I tried so many times but no one wanted to see you, no wanted to talk to you, it was all done by computer and on the off chance that your resume would be one out of a million they read, then maybe they'd call you.

Anyway...I digress...

Yesterday was INCREDIBLY beautiful.  The type of day that makes you want to be outside and dance, dance, dance.  It made me miss NY a little.  Beau and I would go to Central Park ALL the time and there were so many people there who just were, free.  People would dance and sing and granted, they had a cup there to throw money into, but still... I was missing the park yesterday, and wanting so badly to go outside and dance (even though I am totally a "white girl" dancer)  The Lord delights in our dancing and singing before Him and I was in the mood to worship!  So I was outside as much as I could be.  I had some more applications to drop off and then headed to pick up stuff for our FIRST GRILL OUT OF THE SEASON!  I came home and made some brownies for Beau to take to work and then...the hubs gets home...

We had been wanting to join a gym for a LONG time and lets face it, you can have all the good intentions you want, but if you don't actually get off your ass, you aren't going to work out.  That's me anyway.  I did NOT want to spend the money on a gym membership for me because I am perfectly content with working out at home.  However, Beau is the "gym" type.  There are those who do better on their own and there are those who need a gym.  It is very important to Beau as a doctor for us to be healthy and fit.  We both have a family history of heart disease and diabetes and because of that we really need to be healthy and make a change.  I have been bitching for just about forever that I haven't felt "sexy" lately so I was willing to try it out.  I have never felt comfortable going to a gym, but this place is really nice and even has classes and a private women's workout room.  So I don't feel so awkward.  So I am going to try it out.  I do want to be healthy, who doesn't?  And with summer coming on, I really want to start feeling better about how I look in my clothes.  I am a girl after all.

Lots to do today so I better run!  I hope you are all enjoying your "hump" day!

In Gods Love,



  1. Ugh it is rough out there in the job market! Before finding my current job, I applied for every single job I could fine. Got interviews for maybe 1 out of 50 jobs I applied for. Took me 9 months to find a job! Thankfully I was employed during my search, many were not so lucky.

  2. I hear ya! Wes has been looking for a job with his DEGREE for over a year. There are some places he hasn't even been REJECTED by, yet there's been no communication for months. That just seems rude and unprofessional to me - at least have the nerves to send the rejection letter! Ha!

    Keep your chin up! I know you'll do amazing things - God just wasn't found the right fit for you yet. When He does, it will be just perfect and you'll know it!

  3. I hope you get a job asap! It seems like it used to be so easy to get a job, nope not anymore! I'm sure there is a perfect job just waiting for you to come along :)

    1. Thank you SO much Denise for that sweet comment. Sometimes we just need encouragement and reassurance on a daily basis. I really really appreciate it! Thanks friend!

  4. Yikes! Good look with the job hunt :-/ && I am totally with you on the working out from home thing... except I don't really do that either. FAIL.

    1. Hahahaha. The other day I actually got out my work out DVD and just stared at it for a while trying to find the motivation to put it in the DVD player. The motivation never came...FAIL for me as well ;)