Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Picture Frames Made Beautiful!

I love a great deal.  When I was in highschool (and a total snob when it came to shopping) I used to hate, loath, and despise, going to Goodwill.  I was such a brat about it and when I look back on my 15-16 year old self I wish I had a time capsule so I could go back and slap her.  When I think of all the money I wasted shopping at malls...ouch...

I have seen the light though.  I do believe it was when I was on a shopping trip with my mom.  She has always loved getting things second hand and on one particular shopping trip drug me into a Goodwill and, because I was needing more work clothes, I started fingering through he racks.  I hit pay dirt that day!  And everything I got was like new (and some of it WAS new).  AND, they all came from stores that I either shopped at already or always wanted to shop at but couldn't bring myself to spend the money.  And since then I have been hooked.  I can't tell you how many cute things I have found for basically nothing at garage sales, Goodwills, thrift stores, and auctions (yay auction and garage sale season is upon us!)

A friend of mine made the "I Love You Because..." frame a while back and I loved the idea.  I had also seen some other neat ideas you could do with old picture frames on pinterest.  And because yesterday was a wee bit poopy I decided that I really wanted to take a couple projects on so I headed to Goodwill!

I made a b-line for the housewares.  I LOVE checking that out first because there are often times Target takes their clearance items there when they are making room for new stock.  I actually got a lot of our wedding decorations that way!  Yesterday I lucked out.  Beau and I have been talking about buying a fixer upper.  We've been combing the neighborhoods looking at cute houses for sale and when I say "cute" I mean super cheap foreclosures.  I am pretty excited about this as I am an aspiring architectural historian and LOVE getting in there and making an ugly worn out place beautiful and happy again!  Anyway...yesterday I found a towel rack/bar thingy that was still in the box!  I snagged it because it was brushed bronze and matches everything we got for our wedding!  WIN!

Then I made my way over to the picture frames and picked up some cute little numbers.  After finding two frames for .99 each I dashed out of there.  Mainly because they had the most amazing antique buffet there that I am convinced I would have bought if I would have stood there staring at it any longer.

From there I went over to Hobby Lobby to pick out some scrap book paper and paint.  I love to paint things.  It is so relaxing to me, and its amazing what a little paint can do.  And, its such a cheap way to bring something back to life.

my goodness I love Hobby Lobby and Goodwill!

Frames: .99 each
Americana Enamel Paint: True Red .99
Magnets: $1.99 (6 pack)
Smaller Scrap Book Paper: .44 each
Bigger SB Paper: .54


menu picture frame. I love the dainty flowers!

"I Love You Because..." picture frame

I decided to just set the menu frame on the counter like a regular picture frame.  Even though I am short on counter space, I am even shorter on refrigerator space because of pictures and drawings from our sweet little friend Kenley.

This was so quick and FUN.  And the best part is that I was able to add some more personal touches to our little home for basically nothing.

I think these would make great gifts and if you can't decide what you want to do for paper, I recommend getting the package of paper.  And always check for sales!

Oh!  And I found another great bargain at the grocery store yesterday!  The Crock Pot Chicken called for Rotel, but while stocking up (we use a lot of it) I discovered the Shur Fine brand.  I picked it up just to try it out and when I got it home I compared it to Rotel.  The EXACT same ingredients, and what was even better was the price difference!  Rotel: $1.19 Shur Fine: .69!!!!!!!!  HOLLA!!!! I'LL TAKE IT!!!!!!

So don't be afraid to buy the off brand.  Just compare ingredients before throwing it in the cart!  Your grocery bill and your husband will thank you! ;)

In Gods Love,


p.s.  the pictures frames can be written on with a dry erase marker or an over head projector marker.  But be careful not to use a permanent one!


  1. Great job! I am going to have to start checking out Goodwill more often. It always seems like the times I've gone I never find anything... but probably because I don't go often enough or look very carefully lol!

  2. Thanks to you, I ♥ Goodwill, but the one closest hear leaves something to be desired. I'm glad you were able to expand upon my "I Love You Because..." frame. I love the menu idea!! I'm going to have to keep that in mind - I'll have to see if you pinned it so I can remember!

    I don't recommend projector markers - they give you headaches! Yuck!

  3. oh, i love this! and so easy to make cute frames ;)
    xo TJ

  4. Those frames turned out adorable! I love them! I like shopping at Goodwill too and stores like that as well but I definitely have to be in a shopping mood. Which is rare... ha I do love finding a good deal though!