Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Well, That Lasted An All Of...

...two and a half months, if that.

I was reading an older blog. All bright eyed and bushy tailed to move to New York. We came, we saw, we're ready to leave.

Being in med school you move. A LOT. I am sure its nothing compared to living life in the military, but this may come second to the most nomadic lifestyle. Ok third, to nomads.

We have been here since January. January 17th to be exact and we have accumulated. Again. We moved out her with four big boxes, which once you spread it out does not amount to much. So we went shopping and therefore managed to fill the apartment with furniture. BIG furniture. Furniture that will have to be moved in a few months to yet another apartment where we will live for approximately 6 weeks, only have to move AGAIN somewhere down South. Mailing address? Oh who knows...

Beau and I are not this type of person. People have told me how they wished they were in our shoes. But the soles are wearing thin and we are ready to take them off and dig our toes into grass in our own back yard, or in the deep pile of the carpet in our own living room. Somewhere, anywhere...anywhere that allows us to have mail go directly there rather than forwarded. Somewhere where we can say: "oh come on down whenever" and actually mean it because we know for sure that we'll be living there for longer than 6 months at a time.

Tired of being a gypsy nomad...we just want to come home!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our Little Man's Birthday

I call him our "Little Man", "Booger", "Mr. Pants", "Mr.", "Baby Boy", "Ollie", "Oliver" (but only when he's in trouble) and Beau just calls him "Ollie."

I can't believe on the 26th hes going to be 4 years old! I know I sound like I am talking about our own flesh and blood here, but I am talking merely about our dog. Our strong willed, needy, mama's boy Beagle who loves everyone and wants to be friends with everyone he meets. To Beau hes just a dog but to me hes my pride and joy. Perhaps its that need in me to nurture and be "mama" to something. To take care of it and raise it and have it depend on me and love me no matter what mood I am in, or if I look and feel like absolute poo, who always wants to cuddle with me even if I have been working around the house all day and don't smell like roses.

I picked him out when he was no bigger than our TV remote and my dad and I drove all the way to the most Southern part of Iowa to get him when he was no bigger than my slipper. He has been naughty, he has been downright a HUGE pain in the rear, but hes been all mine and a constant source of joy and entertainment.

I am so thankful to Beau for working so hard with him to get him to shape up when I didn't have the heart to just so we could keep him. He did it for me, not because he loves him...and I am so thankful to my parents for keeping him for us while we are moving around the country. It is such a blessing to me.

Happy Birthday Oliver! We love you!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I thought I should write something

A friend of mine posted once about how she was always looking at houses now and had picked out her dream home. I think we have our dream home figured out but what is a home without FURNITURE?!

One night I was sitting on the couch waiting for Beau to come home and basically NOT studying when I felt compelled to make my own visual list of things that I love. So I went on etsy and have decided that, much like in other things, my taste in furniture has changed. I found these amazing goodies on etsy and have come to the conclusion that I am ALL ABOUT THE VINTAGE!


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Little Sheep in the Big City

I don't mean my brother, I mean me...

Dylan got in on Thursday night to JFK and Beau and I were anxiously awaiting his little self walking through those doors to the baggage claim. It was his first time out of the Midwest, his first flight, and he told us that it was the most amazing time.

We took the air train back to Jamaica station and jumped on the E train to take us home. He and Beau were chatting the whole time and of course I was trying not to well up with tears because I was so happy to have him here with us. It may have only been a couple months since I saw him last, but he's my baby brother, and I always miss him.

The following morning we got up early and went into the city. The main goal of day one was to take in as many sights as possible. It was that meant running from place to place. We took in a lot of the sights but spent most of the day in Macy's. THE Macy's. 9 floors of shopping bliss (if you could afford it). Yes most of the day we spent shopping, just to stay out of the rain. We took in so many sights and did some pretty fun things together. I am so glad he was able to come out to stay with us.

It was only the second time I had been into the city since we moved here in January but I can't imagine having a better time. Just me and my brother, my brother and me (the little sheep in the big city)

You'd think Dylan had lived here his entire life!

*see my pictures on facebook

Friday, March 4, 2011

Home is coming to us!

Since we have moved to New York we have been blessed with Beau's sister and brother-in-law living so close. So close, yet so far away. We are grown ups now and we all have careers and sometimes its just hard to find time to see the ones you love even when they are only two hours away via train. I will love when we can move back home and don't have to write on the calendar when we get to see family. They're family, you should be able to stop in whenever you want and stay as long as you want. Some day soon...

That being said my brother is taking his first trip ever on a plane TOMORROW! He is coming out to see Beau and I for his Spring Break and I cannot wait to see him. Sadly, Beau will be at work most of the time he is here, and I am a little nervous about taking him into the city when I don't know where I am going either, but just having him here is going to be wonderful.

I miss my baby brother...