Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Autumn Is Here...

True to form it takes me a MONTH before I post.  Oh my goodness.  And I said I was going to get better at this...

Well, fall is definitely in the air up here in the north country and with fall comes some of my favorite  activities: day trips look at the beautiful colors, long walks at night with the cool air, bonfires, picking out pumpkins, trying out every pumpkin oriented recipe under the sun, hunting for new crock pot recipes (and thanks to pinterest this will be a lot easier!), football games (believe it or not I actually wanted to go to my homecoming this year) harvest, and APPLE PICKING!!!!!!

My family has a tradition of going out to the local apple orchard and picking a bushel full of apples and picking up a jug or two of cider (and a honey stick to top it off).  Just a couple years ago I took the Hubs along for the first time.  Here are some pictures from his first Hinegardner's experience

And to take the edge off after a cool day?  Why Hot Totties of course!  Super simple...

Hot Totties
1 mug of hot cider
1 shot of brandy (or more ;) )
2 cinnamon sticks

The Hubs and I have also taken to picking out pumpkins.  A couple years ago we went and picked out pumpkins and did our first carving together...

I also LOVE to decorate for fall.  Its my most favorite time of year.  It seems like everything wonderful happens in the fall and its just so beautiful and kind of romantic.  

This year we went and bought a HUGE pumpkin.  I hope to pick up a couple mums too and we might even try handing out halloween candy!  A first for me since my parents never really liked the holiday.  I am looking forward to munching popcorn and snuggling in with the Hubs to watch scary movies.  

What is YOUR favorite thing about fall?  If you like decorating too, check out my "Happy Holiday's" board on pinterest.  I'm the Midwest Wife!

In Gods Love,