Saturday, January 29, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We made it! We're here, New York New York, the "Big Apple." I always wanted to VISIT here but I never dreamed that I would one day live here. Beau has said the same thing. I mean we're from IOWA. We tell people the names of our hometown's and response we get is "Ohio?"

Its been a long process and at times a heart wrenching one. Anyone who knows me knows I am not good at good-byes. My eyes well up, my face gets all red, and I can't talk for fear I could explode at any minute. Leaving home for the first time was like this for me.

Sure I had moved away to college and I had spent countless days away from home while visiting Beau in the various places he was going to school, but this was the first time I was LEAVING home. I'm so thankful to have a man by my side who understood that and just what it meant to me and the effect it was having on my heart. And its because of that that I would follow him anywhere. And I have. Right to Briarwood, New York in the Queens borough.

When I learned all the options we had before us for clinicals I was thinking to myself "I'd love to visit New York sometime but I hope we get Wisconsin or even Georgia." First rotation: Flushing Hospital, Queens New York. I must admit I was thinking dollar signs when Beau told me the news but once I warmed up to it I was so excited. And then it hit me. This was our first home together, my parents lived three blocks in one direction and my grandpa lived two in another direction. One of my really good friends worked right across the street and I could easily see my friends and loved ones whenever I wanted. Rent was cheap, our apartment became our cozy home and we had Oliver. And WHAT we're we going to do with ALL THAT STUFF?

We started the packing process right after the New Year. Funny how such a small place could hold so much stuff and I was almost certain our possessions were having babies because the process seemed to go on forever. Then came the day where we took out the last of the boxes and our friend came over to help us clean. We ate pizza on the floor of an empty room and all of a sudden it seemed cold. Like all the life was leaving the apartment along with us. I hate empty rooms.

We loaded everything we needed (and didn't need so much) into our car and got ready to leave when a huge snow storm hit. We got about 60 miles from home when Beau decided the roads were too bad and our car just couldn't handle the weight. We were going HOME! Never have I been so relieved. I just wasn't ready to leave yet.

A smelly transmission led to the quest for a rental vehicle which led to the quest for a uhaul, which led to the quest for any kind of transportation we could find to get us as close to Queens as possible. We finally settled on Amtrak and yet again went through the weed out process packing our entire lively hood into 4 boxes, 2 massive suitcases, and 2 carry-ons.

Amtrack. Exciting right? We had never been on the train before and it was going to be great! We didn't have to worry about driving or the weather and the scenery would be amazing. Well, yes. Sort of. We had driven down to catch the train the night before as yet another blizzard was on its way to Iowa. Bright and early the next morning (3:45) we got up and made our way to the train station. We left Omaha at 5:10am and got to Philly at 10:45 the next night. It was a trip alright. We kept stalling and actually broke down in Washington DC. We waited for what seemed like forever while they switched out and tested two engines. Finally we were on our way again.

Driving into the city the next morning was amazing. I was getting more and more anxious to see the place we would call home for the next two years. We entered the city and I was looking everywhere for any famous landmark and that's when I saw it...

She was beautiful. Standing there in the harbor with her arm holding up a beacon of hope and promise. She was everything I felt this nation stood for and I couldn't help but get a heavy chest and thank the Lord for this amazing opportunity. I saw her standing there and I felt, for a tiny second, that I knew exactly how my ancestors felt when they came to this country. Although I am sure this city looks NOTHING like it did back in those days. Libby, you are a sight to be seen.

We pulled up in front of our building and I was so excited to get in. Our landlord has been a complete and total blessing and I knew our new apartment would be everything he had promised. No. It was MORE than I expected! Much smaller than our home in Toledo, but before long this will be home.

I love it. I love our neighborhood. I love the Russian/Jewish community that we now reside in. I love the culture everywhere. I love the smells and the different languages on the street. I LOVE the people here.

The other day we had four men in the apartment working on things. Two of which had heavy Latino accents and the other two had heavy Brooklyn/Italian accents and neither of them understood each other and I was just sitting on the couch trying not to laugh thinking to myself "we are in New York now." I think the icing on the cake was when some very Italian looking "Brooklynite" walked in, waved at Beau and I, and was like "EY!"

So that is us in a nut shell right now. Next week the hunt begins for a kick ass architecture job where I am sure to be launched to the top and will most likely be owning the firm within the month and Beau begins rocking the hospital with his internal med rotation.

Time to get to work on coursework. I feel so behind!

We miss you. We miss home. And I think of you all, all the time.

Whenever you are in Queens call us! You can crash on our couch!

Pictures next week once we get all our stuff in!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

On the Hunt

Since we have found out we are moving a in few short weeks we have been on the hunt for a place to live, in New York City...

I knew rent in the city would be high, but I never thought it would be THAT high. I am already starting to see the huge differences between the city and small town Iowa.

Watching "Funny Farm" and laughing at the contrast. They move out of the city and into the country and here we are moving from the country into the big city.

I am getting more excited. The places we have found are so typically New York. I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for us, where we will end up, and all the new people we will meet.

I was nervous, but now I am starting to welcome the move with open arms. It will be an adventure and I will be going on this adventure with my best friend. What more could I ask for?!