Monday, April 22, 2013

Summer is Almost Here...

I have 30 followers!!!!! Yay!!!!!!! I love making new friends!!!!!

I have been so very bad at writing friends. BAHHHH!

As I am sitting here in bed, curled up with a cup of joe in our big fluffy comforter and looking at pinterest (because it is the best form of procrastination) I was thinking how summer is upon us and how stinkin' excited I am! Warm weather, sun, cute clothes, being outdoors, yummy summer salads and...GARDENING!

I know gardens are a pretty universal thing but when I think of the Midwest in the summer time I think of people out in their gardens planting flowers and food and meticulously nurturing them all season. It makes me think of natural deliciousness, baking, and canning. All morning long I've been pinning to my "Outdoor Livin" board growing more and more excited because THIS summer the Hubs and I just might have our very own YARD!!!!!! (But more on that later)

Yes my friends, summer is most definitely on its way. What are your favorite summer memories? Do you enjoy gardening as well? Are you more interested in flowers or food you have any good tips for me?!

I have precisely two weeks left of class for the semester. (Yikes, that just freaked me out) Four more class days and I will be through my first semester of graduate school! I hope my hard work pays off, but grades aside, what gives me the most fulfillment is my husband holding my hand and telling me how proud he is of me. Mmmmm....makes all the stress and headache and late nights and missing out on friends and family seem more worth it. He's such an amazing support.

And with that I feel my heart rate picking up a bit more so I guess I should get to work on one of my papers.  4 more days...4 more days... 4 more days...

In Gods Love,

The Midwest Wife