Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Well, That Lasted An All Of...

...two and a half months, if that.

I was reading an older blog. All bright eyed and bushy tailed to move to New York. We came, we saw, we're ready to leave.

Being in med school you move. A LOT. I am sure its nothing compared to living life in the military, but this may come second to the most nomadic lifestyle. Ok third, to nomads.

We have been here since January. January 17th to be exact and we have accumulated. Again. We moved out her with four big boxes, which once you spread it out does not amount to much. So we went shopping and therefore managed to fill the apartment with furniture. BIG furniture. Furniture that will have to be moved in a few months to yet another apartment where we will live for approximately 6 weeks, only have to move AGAIN somewhere down South. Mailing address? Oh who knows...

Beau and I are not this type of person. People have told me how they wished they were in our shoes. But the soles are wearing thin and we are ready to take them off and dig our toes into grass in our own back yard, or in the deep pile of the carpet in our own living room. Somewhere, anywhere...anywhere that allows us to have mail go directly there rather than forwarded. Somewhere where we can say: "oh come on down whenever" and actually mean it because we know for sure that we'll be living there for longer than 6 months at a time.

Tired of being a gypsy nomad...we just want to come home!

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  1. Babe,

    You are such a strong person with tons of love and support behind you. I can understand the frustration of the nomadic lifestyle - it's natural to feel that way. While I can definitely wish to be in your shoes, I do sympathize with your heartache. Try to keep a positive attitude and outlook. You have a man by your side through his challenge that loves you very much as well as tons of love and support that is there for you day or night - whenever you need us.

    Think of these challenges as adventures and character builders. Keep the verse I sent you in mind and keep your head up - you're one tough city girl, now!!

    (Yes, I realize you needed to vent and have every right to that - that's what this is for. I just have to be the supportive friend and kick you into shape - with a positive outlook.)

    Hang in there ;-) (Soon, you'll know why that line is funny.)