Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hes the BEST...

I love my husband.  I think that is the greatest understatement ever known.  We have been together going on 7 years (April 29th to be exact) and I it has been a crazy ride, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

How could I NOT love him?  He tickles me, surprises me, kisses my head, leans on my shoulder when we're watching TV...he pushes me hard because he believes in me.  He gets excited about the things I am excited about, and he laughs when I do my happy/excited Stewie dance.  He cooks for me, he puts up with Oliver for me, he wants to spend all his free time with me, AND...he even buys me bird feeders because he knows how much I love the little things.  Birds are sheer delight to me and he totally caters to my love of animals.

Recently we have started going to bed a bit earlier and just sitting in bed talking.  I almost look forward to that part of the day more than anything because it seems like we always get a bit giggly around bed time and we just have the BEST conversation.  The longer we are together the deeper I fall in love with him.

Engagement pics November 2010 ISU Campus

Kissing under the Campanile is an Iowa State tradition.  Technically, you're suppose to kiss at midnight, but then it would be too dark ;)

Right before my graduation ceremony, August 2011

Ok, before I get too mushy I am just going to post some of my favorite pictures of us... these are by no means in order!

Apple picking is one of our family traditions, Fall 2010

At Dirty Gurt's Galena Illinois, December 2010

Galena trip with my mom and dad

hes being a goof...he HATES to have his picture taken

Amana Colonies, November 2009

Graduation party his family threw me, May 2011

THE NIGHT WE GOT ENGAGED!!!!  August 10th, 2010

My first trip down to Dominica to visit him at school, April 2009

Dominica, May 2010

Miami Beach, July 2010

Times Square, January 2011

Brooklyn NY, April 2011

Central Park, June 2011

Manhattan, July 2011

All right, all right...I have about a million more pictures to share.  I guess that's what happens when you are with your best friend for so long, but I'll spare you ;)

Beau is my everything, my best friend, my...well...he means a whole lot, more than I could ever put into words.

Love on your man, build him up, and give him praise.  They put up with so much from us crazy ladies.

In Gods Love,



  1. aw, you guys are just the cutest!!! love this post!
    xo TJ

  2. Love this! you guys are adorable :)

  3. I love reading posts like this. :) You are a beautiful couple!

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