Friday, March 2, 2012

Getting in on the photo challenge a little late...

Good afternoon everyone!  I just realized today what the photo challenge was for the month and since I secretly feel as though I have a future as a National Geographic photo journalist, I wanted to jump in!

Day one was to take a picture of "up."  Well I went a little beyond that and made a quick video of "up" just now and to also demonstrate that I may have spoken too soon when I said that spring had arrived.  We are due to get 6-8 inches of snow in our part of the start tonight and right now I am sitting here, talking to you, drinking tea, and watching the snow fall and stick to the trees yet again.  Despite the sheer beauty of it, I am not too thrilled about this little winter surprise.  My parents are coming up from Iowa tonight for the weekend and I just hope the roads are good.  Damn it I need my mommy and I don't care who knows it!

I don't know if you can tell in the video, but the flakes are big and fluffy and BEAUTIFUL!  I wish Beau didn't have over night call so we could take a walk in it :(

So there is my "up"

Day 2 is "fruit" hmmm...

Looking pretty tasty...

So today was one of those days where you just wanted to sit around and be lazy.  I woke up pretty late as I was up pretty late last night.  For some reason I just haven't been able to get comfy at night.  I really do need to order a new pillow.  So anyway, I was sitting here checking emails waiting for the coffee pot to finish doing its thing and watching the movie "Cossi" when Beau text me and asks me if I could meet him at the hospital by noon for lunch.  I check the time, "11:32, is he CRAZY?!"  I have gotten used to this though.  For the 7 years we have been together if he gets an estimated time of departure in his head then by george that is when we're leaving by.  So I have gotten pretty used to getting dressed in a hurry and have even learned to try my best with minimal makeup.  But today  I wasn't too happy about having to pry myself out of the warmth of the house to rush across town.

I am trying to get a job at the hospital he's working at and so I think its pretty important to look nice, especially since the last time I met up with him for lunch the recruiter I interviewed with just happened to be sitting at the next table over.  Today I looked far from nice.  I would include a picture to show just how little my hair decided to cooperate with me today, but I'm afraid I'd break the camera.  After lunch I was planning on running around to local places that I was wanting to apply at for something temporary in the hopes the hospital will hire me soon.  The snow had started to come down at the time and by the time I came out of the first store, it was wet and sloppy and nasty. 

I hate to get my feet wet.  Winter wet that is, the cold wet... It instantly pisses me off and ruins my entire day.  And since I didn't know we were suppose to get epic snowfall today I wore my moccasins.  Running out to the car I happened to step in a tiny puddle.  "That's it" I said to myself and jumped in the car and headed home.  There is always tomorrow...

I think I may go put on my boots, grab my camera, and head out into the back yard to get some pictures of the trees. 

How do you like to spend a cold wintery day?

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