Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Years Resolution, or ResolutionS...

Another year is quickly coming to an end. I can't believe it has gone so quickly. Where did 2011 go? Such a very busy and blessed year.

Well lets see, Beau was sick over Christmas so we didn't end up making it to New Jersey. We didn't want to get family sick and so his mom changed her flight so she could come here and spend the night with us and give us our Christmas gifts. NO GIFTS...Right...Stinker...she went shopping for us anyway even though when she was here a few weeks ago she took us shopping at Macy's. I got a pair of boots and Beau got some really great shirts for work. But apparently the words "NO GIFTS, you've already given us so much" are lost on her. We love you mom...

And on top of that, Jaq and Trav bought us some goodies as well. We were VERY spoiled this year...

Jaq and Trav got us Apples to Apples (freaking SWEET) and one of our favorite movies!!!! Mom got me this BEAUTIFUL sweater, Beau got more dress clothes, and we both received Target gift cards. HECKS YES! And, the most precious gift, a beautiful album from our wedding. Oh my word, I cannot put into words how much I loved this. Beau and I just sat there and poured over it and I of course started crying. Not only is this such a thoughtful and beautiful gift, but it was even more special because it came straight from the heart of my mother in law. She went to a lot of work and a lot of people were in on this gift including our dear friend Jenna (you are a stinker). It is so funny because I had thought about putting a book together myself and I am sure that I mentioned that to Jenna. And she knew all along... Thank you guys for this beautiful and heart felt gift, it is the BEST!

Not only did we have a great night with mom, but as we were sitting around plugging away on our computers and talking, Beau received an email from Janesville. The much anticipated and very much prayed for email. Beau handed me his phone so I could read it and before I took it out of his hand, I saw the look of sheer and complete joy all over his face. I read it, squealed, and we both started tearing up a little bit. We have been praying so long and so hard for good news from Janesville in regards to getting electives there and being able to move back to the Midwest just as soon as possible. WHAT a blessing... basically, we aren't 100% moved as of yet, but our chances of moving as soon as the last weekend in January are about 98%. We are more or less just waiting for the paper work to be finalized and for our schedule to be sent to us. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!

That being said though, we are not totally out of the woods. We still are waiting to receive confirmation from them and therefore are still diligently praying that we do indeed get to move very very soon. REJOICE! Beau has instructed me to start looking for places to live and to start calling around so I think he too is very happy and optimistic. I have already found one place that is very promising. Close to the hospital, two bedroom, all appliances included, and...OLIVER can live there with us!!!!!!!! Thank you heavenly Father.

This was humbling for me. VERY humbling for me and it is because of this that I started to really think about what my New Years resolution was going to be. Every year I decide on one (or many) but I have never been very good at keeping them. But this year I want to be different, and here they are:

1) Start eating healthy, lay off the junk food, and work out on a regular basis. (a common one I know)
2) Set a routine for myself, start going to bed at a normal hour and get up with the sun (ok not quite, but much earlier than I do now)
3) Don't be afraid to speak my mind.
4) Try new recipes.

But these are the most important of all...

5) Make a greater effort to talk to my grandpa on a regular basis.
6) Make sure the ones I love, know how important they are to me.
7) Be a more attentive to those I love.
8) Give more grace.
9) Read my Bible and spend more time with the Lord.
10) Make a joyful noise.

I love Christian music, but I don't really know a lot of the songs, but I have come to realize that the Lord doesn't want me to sing only worship music. So as I have promised myself to learn more worship music, I decided that today I was going to turn OFF The Office and turn on some good music and just let the Lord know the joy in my heart. So I am sitting here singing to 80's music and LOVING it!

I realize these are a lot of resolutions, but life is far too short to not use every day that we are given. Being here in NY I feel as though I have lost touch with the person that I really am because I have been so bitter to our commitment to live here. Not so much bitter to the commitment of living here per se, but more so homesick in every conceivable way.

Oh, resolution #11...broaden my vocab...

God is so good, and I just want my heart to pour that out to everyone I meet.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and pray that the Lord does amazing things in all your lives this year and every year here after...

In Gods Love,

Beau and Kenz

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    Love you dearly.

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