Saturday, November 5, 2011

I Have a Feeling I'm Going To Have a Case of the Mondays

Monday is on its way, but before I get to that, I want to reflect on the great weekend we had.

Thursday we made an impromptu trip to New Jersey and spent a couple days with our family. It was so great to be there. It was a much needed break and I was missing Jaqui in a major way. Its funny how just a simple hug from someone and to just vent to someone who really knows you can make you feel so much better. It was a great weekend. We made dinner for her and Travis and just hung out. It was absolutely WONDERFUL being able to spend time with them. I always look forward to spending time with them.

We tried out Thomas Sweet's for the first time this weekend! Last night Jaqui burst out with "I want Thomas Sweet's!" ( I have no idea if that is the right name or not but its pretty close) So Beau and Travis ran to pick up the most AMAZING pumpkin frozen yogurt I have ever had in my entire life. It was great to spend that girl time with Jaqui and just really talk to her. She always has a way of putting me at ease. From the very beginning of Beau and mine's relationship she has always been there and I can't imagine not having her close.

But I should explain why I have been so hard to get a hold of and apologize to all of you (a hem, Chunk) who I haven't emailed yet...

I haven't wanted to get into the whole story. I have asked for prayers and Beau and I have been so deep in prayer over this. Let me explain...

When Beau was in Miami (over a year ago) he had to have labs drawn for school. He had his labs drawn through the school that he is attending (keep that in mind as the story progresses). As we are driving down the road on our HONEYMOON his school calls. We were in having dinner and so we listened to the message when we came back out. They (his school) said that the labs (that his school had drawn) weren't the right ones and that he was going to need to have his labs drawn again before he could start his next rotation. They called us on a Wednesday and they were due to the hospital on that Friday! So after he had called the school back and asked them if he could get an extension because we were on our honeymoon and driving cross country, they told us that they didn't give extensions. They said we'd have to show up at the hospital and hope that they allow him to do this rotation. So I got on my phone and called up the doctors office and we turned around and drove all the way back to Toledo. In the end we didn't get the labs into the hospital on time, but the story doesn't end there...

After having the labs drawn and being told they definitely would NOT be submitted to the NY hospital on time we set off. It had put a damper on the entire honeymoon. We were so stressed. What does this mean? Are we going to be able to get a different rotation in NY? Are we going to have to move within the next few weeks? Should we even bother taking all this stuff back with us to furnish the apartment if we weren't going to be there much longer?

When we got back to NY the school had "worked things out" and that he should be able to do the rotation. At least that's what they said. Beau was so relieved but I was, well, not. There was a part of me that just wanted so badly to be done here. To be able to move back to the Midwest. So we stocked up on all kinds of food and set up the apartment thinking we were going to be here at least another six weeks. By this time we had decided that we were going to move back in December regardless.

The day before yesterday his school called back. Basically we are bogged down by the same questions we had before we got back. But the funny thing is, that at this point, we are praying that it doesn't work out. We want so badly to be done with this place. We want to leave NY for good. And up until yesterday, despite how badly I want to leave, I felt guilty because I didn't want to leave Jaqui and Travis here to spend the holidays alone. But as I talked about everything with her, she told me how desperate they were to get home as well. This made me feel so much better. Especially when she told me they would be praying that we get back to the Midwest as soon as possible.

So as I sit here, Beau is looking at the cost of appliances and we have been house hunting with the hopes of having to find a new place very soon. And as I sit here, looking at him, and as I drink the chamomile tea he made me because "he thought I was stressing about things" (Lord how could I love him any more?) I think about how blessed I am that we are together through this and I think how even though we hate it here and want to be home with our family and friends, I know the Lord brought us to NY for a reason and I know he knows our hearts and hears our prayers. I have the most amazing husband and we are going through this together and we are becoming even stronger because of it.

So if you read this, can you please say a prayer for us?

In Gods Love,

Beau and Kenz

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