Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Time Is Here

Its hard to believe how fast this year went, now that I look back it hardly seems possible that we've lived here almost a year already. Its been a year of big changes, that is for sure.

Thanksgiving has come and gone and it seems as though Christmas is earlier every year. When I was buying decorations for our wedding back in September, Hobby Lobby had already started setting up their Christmas displays. At that time I thought to myself "its way too early for that!" but as we walked through Wal-Mart on Thanksgiving day, I couldn't help but get caught up in the Christmas spirit. Perhaps its the reason for my background change, even though I hate the snow.

Since we will be moving about a month after Christmas we decided we weren't going to get a tree or decorate since we just don't have the room for it. Its going to be weird not having a Christmas tree! We also agreed that we are not going to exchange gifts this year either. We are trying to save money. Moving is so costly, and we got a surprise the other day...the kind saying that we have to start paying back student loans next month. Oui...

Normally I don't like to talk about the economy, or politics, or anything too controversial but I have to say here that we were at Target in Brooklyn on BLACK FRIDAY and there was hardly anyone there. Granted we were there later in the morning, but all the "door buster" deals were still there when we walked in. There were plenty of flat screens and toys to go around. I wonder what Christmas will be like this year for families with little ones.

Ever since we were little it was instilled in us that Christmas was not about "getting" but "giving" and I think that is one of life's most valuable lessons. I usually love to go all out for Christmas, making things and buying things and completely and totally delighting in wrapping presents while I watch a Christmas movie and sip on cider. I just love the feeling of the season, knowing that before too long you'll be surrounded by loved ones and I love watching people as they open their gifts.

This Christmas we will be here in New York. Scheduling has made it impossible for us to go home and there is just no way I am going to leave my husband on our first Christmas together. So even though we are having to break with tradition this year, I still look forward to next year. I look forward to shopping and wrapping and setting up the tree and cooking and looking at Christmas lights, and going to candle light service...I look forward to spending time with loved ones.

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