Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Change of Plans...Again

Monday came and went. Beau and I had sent out prayer requests that his Pediatrics rotation would not work out so we could move back to the Midwest before Thanksgiving.

The Lord answered out prayers, but there has never been a more truer saying that the Lord's plan is always best. I'll explain:

When Beau called me and told me the Peds rotation hadn't worked out it felt like my heart was shot into space, and then he told me that they had offered him the surgical rotation and just as fast as my heart departed from the ground it came crashing back down again. Surgery...

The surgery rotation is a grueling one. Long hours and difficult scenarios and very very stressful at times. We knew that it was going to be a hard rotation and I knew that if Beau were given the opportunity to do it here, then we'd take it so we could just get it out of the way. If he were to take it here, then he'd be green book certified and there would be no restrictions in any states in terms of matching for residency, or being able to practice. I knew that this was something Beau had been stressing over basically since he started medical school so when he told me he had taken it, I understood the importance behind it even though it wasn't what we planned at all. We were so desperate to get home.

So the change of plans. We went from the possibility of coming home mid November to now March. That is UNLESS Beau can get his peds rotation some where other than here. If he can, then we are done here in NY on JANUARY 27TH. Tentative. Very tentative.

We wanted to come home so badly, but this is where God wants us for now. And I am happy with that actually. Plans change, especially the ones we make for ourselves.

We will see what happens next ;)

In Gods Love,

Beau and Kenz

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  1. Just an fyi - God is on the throne and He ALWAYS knows what is best for us. That's how I prayed - His will to be done for your best overall. I am excited for what He has in store for you both. God bless and I love you!!
    Auntie Rosemary