Saturday, November 12, 2011

Greek Living

I feel like we live in a frat house lately. At all hours of the day people are stomping up and down the stairs, making WAY too much noise in neighboring apartments, or blaring music and singing along at the top of their lungs (i.e. every Monday morning, same time, same song...) and to top off the experience a couple weeks ago I went down to check the mail and there, on the wall, was a certain part of the male anatomy, drawn larger than life itself. Gotta love it...

Saturday morning and I have loads on my mind and true to form I blog. I was thinking several things this morning:

-why can't Felicity get her sh** together and just PICK ONE, Noel or Ben. Come ON girl lets wrap up the show already!

-why is it that when I go to try my hand at this "extreme coupon" thing whenever I go to the plethora of coupon websites I signed up for, none of them have coupons for things I actually buy. And if there are coupons then I have to buy 60 of anything to actually take a few cents off. Makes no sense to me and I have decided I am going to drop the whole plan til we get moved to somewhere with a little more storage room.

- there are a TON of places in New York that look fascinating to me and how did I learn about them? Through other blogs.

- (oh...there goes the downstairs neighbor again...belting his lungs out)

-I need to do something about our blog. Next year I am planning on a revamp!

-I miss my friends

-The holidays are right around the corner...SHIT

-I LOVE taking care of my husband and the pure joy he gets from me doing something as simple as making him dinner.

-I LOVE married life!

-I really want to get crafty this winter and I am hunting for some good websites so if anyone knows of any send them my way!

-I need a haircut already

-Why is it so expensive to fly?

I know these are all random thoughts but those are usually the ones you have when you are sitting in front of the TV on a Saturday morning. I wish Beau were home... :(

I hope this entry finds everyone well!

In Gods Love,

Beau and Kenz

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