Sunday, October 30, 2011

This Is What The Lord Made Sundays For

This morning Beau and I cracked open "Becoming Soul Mates: 52 Meditations to Bring Joy to Your Marriage." We do the best we can to keep the Lord central in our lives and since we haven't really found a church that we can attended on a weekly basis, we decided to start a devotional together. The first day was great and I feel already that its something we will really enjoy and a great way to reconnect when things get a little hectic.

As a wedding gift our sister and brother got us this most amazing family bible. It touched my heart in so many ways when we opened the bag and pulled out the big beautiful maroon colored treasure. She had even had our names inscribed on the cover. I remember when I was little, I would open our family bible and wonder what mine would look like. Now I Beau and I have one and we are able to fill the pages with our family histories and document our history as we begin every stage of our life together. So cool and such a precious gift. We used it for our devotion time today, and it made me feel how loved we are and how much the Lord is already a part of our marriage. Thank you Beky. Its such a precious precious gift.

Sundays...I used to think it was the last day to get your homework done or the last day you could cram before test. At least that what it has been for me for the past few years, but as I sit here next to Beau while he reads and as we listen to music and as I update our FB forum with new recipes for the upcoming cold weather, I start to think about what Sunday's meant for me as a kid.

Most weekends my brother and I would stay at my grandparents house. We used to look forward to that so much as my grandparents would make us all kinds of good food, throw us a "party" as we watched Lawrence Welk on Saturday nights, and they would take us into town to this little dollar store to pick out a treasure. On Sundays we would go to three or four church services as our grandpa was a pastor and had a yoke ministry meaning he preached at several of the local rural churches each weekend. I didn't appreciate those times when I was that age. But there are many times where I think about those simple laid back weekends with my grandparents and miss them so much it hurts.

When we weren't spending time with my grandparents on the weekends, we would go places as a family. There were many weekends where mom and dad would load up the car and we would take trips all over the state always remembering to pack our swimsuits because they delighted in taking us to hotels with swimming pools in them. It was always such a treat and there is nothing I love more than taking those little day trips here and there. My brother is in college now, and now that we live so far away, those weekends trip have almost become obsolete. But we were able to introduce Beau to one of our favorite family past times this past winter before we moved to New York. My mom and dad, Beau, and I took a day trip to Galena and it was one of the most incredible weekends. I can't wait til we get home so we can pick up where we left off and carry on the tradition with our kids, nieces, and nephews.

I am fairly convinced this is what the Lord made Sundays for. To sit and relax, to talk to one another, to cuddle with your spouse and watch TV or read together, to pack the kids up and make memories, to just sit and be still and marvel in all that the Lord has given you and the blessing that loved ones are. Yep, that is what Sunday is for.

In God's Love,

Beau and Kenz

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  1. I agree. Though it still is partially "the last day to get homework done" most of the time, it is more important to remember to relax, enjoy, and appreciate our loved ones and the time we have with them while we do.

    Beautiful post, as always.