Monday, October 31, 2011

Inspired to House Hunt

So to all of you who have endured me complaining for the last 10 months about our neighbor I apologize. I apologize but the bitching does not end there. In July the neighbor we had upstairs (the one I had been complaining about since we moved in) moved out (praise the Lord) and in moved the quietest people ever. It was great. No more late night poundings on the ceilings, no more late night trips upstairs for Beau to ask him nicely to please shut the "f" up before I punch your face in (noisey upstairs neighbor+5am rise and shine=not a happy downstairs neighbor), and no more frustration over the fact that he was completely incompetent and RUDE.

Well, I shouldn't have ever dreamed the new neighbors were going to be here til we moved. One day Beau calls me and tells me that we have new neighbors. Almost immediately my heart sank because I was so thankful for the last neighbors (who I am pretty sure levitated across the floor because they were so quiet). He told me that he had already been up a couple times since they had moved in asking them to quiet down. "GREAT!" I thought. And since I have been back to NY, I have wanted to get out my broom and do some pounding on the ceiling. Its the loud guy times 2! And, and we have a neighbor DOWNSTAIRS as well who has (as Beau puts it) decided to audition for the next season of American Idol. At the same time every morning I am awakened by the bass of the SAME SONG and the man soulfully singing along apparently completely unaware that he is not the only person who inhabits this building.

So where I am going with this is that Beau and I are house hunting. Before you say "whoa you're only going to be in NY a few more months WHY are you house hunting?" Well, the planners that we are we have started looking for houses in Janesville. Last night we were looking at website after website and even hit up craigslist to see what there was for rentals. I am thinking we are DONE with apartment living. That being said, the neighbors we had in Toledo were AMAZING and became friends of ours. Maybe its just New Yorkers.

We are pretty much sold on buying. Especially if we get residency there. Here is what we have on our wish list:
-hard wood floors
-fenced in back yard
-garage for Annie
-at LEAST two bedrooms
-full basement that we can utilize either as storage or as a living space
-nice size yard for our boys (Oliver and the future Joey) and room for a garden
-close to Mercy Hospital
-a good size kitchen
-LOTS of windows

I am a sucker for Arts and Crafts Architecture as well as anything Art Deco. I LOVE my friend Jenna's house with all the built in wood work and natural hard wood floors. To me that feels so much like a home. Here is an example of Arts and Crafts:

This house is an example of a Craftsman built in 1910. But before the architect in me gets carried away I will just say this: it looks so homey and I can just see us filling a place like this with loved ones. *sigh*

I don't think we have an unreasonable wish list. We have even looked at many foreclosures and fixer-uppers. There was one in particular that we were particularly interested in. It is definitely in need of some TLC, but it had all the original woodwork and LOADS of potential. I am not afraid to dig in and really make it ours. We will see what the Lord has in store for us. We are so blessed in that we have family and friends who have had lots of experience in home improvement. One thing is for sure, we are having a house warming party when we do find a home and we will have everyone over to help us paint and pray over our home. We want the Lord to fill every corner.

I am a sucker for Arts and Crafts Architecture, as well as anything Art Deco. I love my friend

Its crazy to think that we are married. It still hasn't sunk in yet. As far as owning a home and starting a family? Well that seemed like a lifetime away. Its hard to believe that this time next year we may be home owners. Its so exciting. And babies? Oh my goodness! But as I sit here and watch Beau I can't imagine our life any different. I am so excited to start physically looking at places (not just over the internet) and I cannot wait to see his face when I tell him we are pregnant for the first time. We have been emotionally ready for this for a very long time now, we just need to rely on God for the rest of it.

And then there is school...another entry for another time.

So yes, are we eager to have our own place that we can do whatever we want with, and not have to share all four walls with someone? Um, YES. Wow, its coming up quicker than we think...phew...

In Gods Love,

Beau and Kenz

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