Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sadie, Sadie Married Lady (Thats Me!)--and other amusing happenings

October 14th was a beautiful day. The weather was PERFECT and I was not in the least bit nervous about what was to come. Although I wanted to spend every second with my fiance and missed him every second that I wasn't with him.

I spent the day with my sister and it was perfect. We just hung out and did fun little things. I was spent from decorating the church and reception hall the night before but I had so much energy. Partly because I knew there were most likely some things I was forgetting, and partly because Sarah was there and partly because...well... I was MARRYING MY BEST FRIEND.

So anyway...we had rehearsal and all our loved ones were there. I couldn't ask for a more beautiful memory then the one where I walked down the aisle and we were practicing for the big day and all our loved ones were there with us. That is, until the actual day came. But I won't elaborate on that too much. Anyone who reads this was most likely there and if you weren't there, you know me well enough (and Beau and I's relationship) that you already know how emotion filled the sanctuary was. So to sum up October 15th...it was perfect, it was beautiful, it was emotional, it was blissful, it was amazing, it was MORE than I could have ever hoped for.

And then the honeymoon. We had planned on driving down south the following Monday after we had gotten all the paper work done. However, we had a couple hick ups along the way. Our officiant and dear friend of ours signed the marriage license in blue ink. Before I could even get it out of my mouth that it needed to be signed in black it was already done. It was then that I started PRAYING that the courthouse would take it and all would be well. Well, Monday came around and guess what...they didn't take it. At first I was peeved at the county because it seemed like no big deal to me, but then it dawned on me that it was the Lord's way of giving us more time with our family before taking off again. So we had lunch with my grandpa then headed up to Sioux City to have the marriage license resigned by the officiant and one of our witnesses. Then we had dinner with Beau's parents and then checked into a hotel. Oh boy...

As we were driving along the gravel roads (at night in the middle of no where) we were trying to freak each other out with spooky stories. While *trying* to freak me out Beau pulls over the the side of the road and tells me that he sees (imaginary headless ghost) standing in the field and that she was coming towards the car. "Beau!" (as I lock the car door and tell him its really not funny). So he pulls back onto the road and as we are pulling into city limits we see cop cars, EVERYWHERE. As we pass by the park we see cops and rescue vehicles parked. Then we look up and see a helicopter flying over with a spot light. We pull into the parking lot of the hotel and as we are unloading the car Beau says to expedite the process because he didn't want to be standing out in the parking lot in case there was a mass murderer on the loose. And I think to myself: "maybe now you won't pull over to the side of the road in the hopes of making me pee my pants."

The next morning we woke up and made our way down to Kansas City. The five hour drive was a boring one. Nothing pretty to look at and NO radio stations to jam out to. Still I was anxious because I knew we'd be getting to see Annie and Sarah again before we headed down South. The next morning we stopped over to see my sisters before starting out on our honeymoon. It was so wonderful to sit in the kitchen and drink coffee and just talk. Then we headed out. For our honeymoon we planned on stopping at roadside places that were "off the beaten trail." We stopped at a couple of places in Missouri but both left us disappointed. Apparently historic places in Missouri are only open at random times. We got about as far St Louis when we got a phone call that changed our plans yet again.

Beau's school...lets just say their incompetence never surprises me but this was TOO MUCH. Basically we had to put our honeymoon on hold yet again as we had to turn around and drive BACK to Toledo and schedule a doctors appointment per the schools request. At this point we were more upset with the school than the fact that we had to drive back home. It meant we got to spend more time at home. We ended up staying in town for a couple a days. It was wonderful to spend the time with my parents but because of the detour, we decided to take a different route back to NY. This too was a blessing though because we ended up honeymooning in Vermont. Neither one of us had ever been there and it was the PERFECT time of year to go. The views were beautiful and we got to just relax and enjoy our time together.

Getting into NY I think we were both thinking the same thing "only a few more months" Then we will be back in the Midwest for good and can really settle in and start our life together.

We've made the apartment much more homier which helps. Pictures to come when we're all done.


Beau and Kenz WADDELL

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  1. I am so blessed to have been able to spend your wedding weekend with you, love. Not only then, but the months leading up to your wedding. I'm so grateful for all of the help you provided with our wedding reception and loved loved loved having you only 5 miles away for a little while again. You are so strong, both of you, and are the most amazing couple I've ever met. Your wedding was beautiful and so touching. I have an amazing picture of Beau's face while you're standing with your dad (before your dad "gives" you) that shows all of his love and emotions - it's beautiful. I can't wait to get all of your pictures edited and put on a DVD!! DVD's are on my list! Promise! hehe

    Love you bunches and so glad that you were able to see the good in all of the frustrating setbacks that happened in the last week. Your faith astounds (...? That's not right) me.