Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I (Heart) Valentines Day!

I thought I'd blog about Valentines Day today because...well, because I love it, and because we'll be traveling on v-day this year...

I got the Hubs some video games for the holiday. Fallout New Vegas (the expansion pack) and Battle Field 3. For those of you out there who know what I am talking about, I am sorry. Because that means you have probably been forced to hear your guy yelling at the TV in the other room (or in my case, the same room) more than once. I think I am a pretty cool wife to "support his habit" though, I even picked him up a head set. Yea, I'm that cool. I may or may not have ulterior motives though...

There are a couple little items I've had my eye on at Target... *ahem*

The Hubs and I are making the Red Velvet Puppy Chow thats been floating around pinterest the past few days. We'll see how it turns out, there is also some Cookies and Creme Puppy Chow on there I want to try. I don't do the whole Valentine Candy, so I don't feel so bad, and I am making it to take to class so thats ok right?!

So in the spirit of St. Valentine (I don't know if thats the dude but we'll go with it...) I share with you, some sweet little vintage Valentines... I LOVE them, hope you do too!

In Gods Love,

The Midwest Wife


  1. I love those Vintage Valentines! Super cute! Where are you traveling to today?

  2. Hey Jesse! I think we were probably headed to NW IA!