Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Is May considered a summer month?

Well, Beau and I had been counting down the days til we could return to Iowa and be close to our loved ones. We made it to the day and ticked off two more weeks and now we're back in New York. Two weeks was not near long enough.

I had heard that it had been warm in Iowa prior to our visit. Scratch that, HOT, prior to our visit. You could imagine how disappointed I was when we arrived in Iowa to see trees that barely had any leaves on them yet and experience temps that were far Most of the time we were home I was in jeans and a sweatshirt and it wasn't until the last day we were home did I finally have a reason to dawn something lighter, appropriate for the typical Iowa summer temperatures. And then we get back to New York...

We leave the baggage claim and are immediately struck by a warm breeze that is uncharacteristic of the New York that we know. As we ride down the expressway towards our apartment there is a sea of green. The leaves have FINALLY budded out and our driver tells us that it was 95 there the day before and that it had been hot the whole time we were gone. Summer has come to New York.

There are birds EVERYWHERE! I love birds. Love them. They are flying and singing and they are all just so darn cute. The cute like in a cartoon movie where they land on your finger and sing to you. Fluffy, puffy, looking all sweet and innocent. My black bird is now a blue bird, I need a touch up...

Well, I must run for the time being. It is May, it is warm, and we are in New York. I might have to do some much needed sight seeing

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  1. So I just wrote you a NOVEL of a comment, but blogspot has decided it doesn't like it and lost it all.

    The long and short of it is: idk who you were speaking with but it was NOT hot prior to your visit. Yesterday, now yesterday was HOT!! Ridic!

    I hope you know that birds really aren't like they are in Cinderella in real life.

    Animal story...
    So after my killer walk yesterday (ha!) I decided it was time to open the bathroom window for the first time (painted shut, I believe). So I do...and as you may remember, there's a killer gap in the upstairs "porch" where the gutters attach, allowing creatures to enter (have no fear, they can't get into the actual house). Mostly we see squirrels frequenting said "porch" and roof. So they were watching me. Later, after forgetting the window was open, I hear noises and get a lil FREAKED. After I calm I look out to see the suirrels. So I hit the window and tehy scurry to the roof. Then when they come back I start "talking" to them (clicking my tongue and such). A couple seconds later I hear a thud. Yes, the squirrels were throwing things at me (the window). Squirrels have quite the personality, I tell ya!
    I still ♥ them, though.