Friday, August 24, 2012

Bored With My Blog...

Hello friends!

I am totally sucking it up at the whole blogging thing lately.  And for the following reasons...

1) my camera broke and I hate writing boring posts where you, my beloved readers, aren't drawn in by pictures.  Yes.  Its broken.  It won't even turn on no matter how many times I try to rearrange the batteries.  It will turn to "play" but it won't take a picture to save its life.  Bumsville I have SO many recipes to share with you!

2) work (I think that is a statement that needs to embelishment)

3) well...those are really the only two reasons I have.

It seems as though its always at night, when I just lay down my head, that I become inspired to blog.  Why is that?  Why is it that I have nothing to say when I have the change during the day, but as soon as I try to shut my brain off for beddy by time it all comes to me.  Its just not fair.

Bored.  I am bored with his blog of mine.  It needs a face lift, a change, something that makes people say "ooooo...such a beautiful blog.  Oh wow, look at that background and her use of colors. I've got to read what she has to say..."  and then of course the offers start pouring in from all these publishers begging me to write little novellas because they think I am so witty and I have lots of important things to say that people will pay good money to read and...

But before I become a reclusive "net big thing..."  I have to come up with a new look.

Perhaps tomorrow night...

In Gods Love,


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  1. I have been bored with my look for a while. I changed up my header and font but I can't think of what I want. But I hope you keep blogging. Hugs Kenz