Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Think Spring...

I think spring.  I have to to keep from going mad at the thought that winter may never end.  Yesterday was cold and nasty here in the "North Country."  And what made it worse was that I had to be out in it running errands.  It was one of those type of days where you just want to snuggle in with your hubby, watch a good movie, and drink Russian Tea (see end of post for recipe).  Yesterday, though, was not one of those days.  Beau had call til 10pm last night and I was lonely.  So I did the only thing I know to do in this situation: skype or message all your friends, and if no one is on, drown my misery in fudge and Gilmore Girls.  So I did both, but as I am not a sweets person, I didn't find the comfort I was looking for.  So I decided a bubble bath was the way to go.  Even that didn't pull me out of my mood, but JOY OF JOYS Beau came home around 7pm!  It was like a light switch had been turned on.  What can I say?  I love my husband.

Last night as we were turning in for the night I started to get bummed AGAIN!  So after he was sound asleep I got up and went downstairs and was relieved to see I had an email from a wonderful friend of ours who I don't see near enough.  She always makes me laugh.  She has a knack for words and every email I get from her just makes me "lmao."  As I was returning her email, I heard a funny noise.  I stopped typing and listened a little closer and to my amazement it was RAINING, and not just a pitter patter, but a full out torrential downpour!  I LOVE thunderstorms and I so badly wanted to run upstairs and start kissing on Beau and tell him it was storming but instead I crawled back into bed and just laid there listening to the rain and dreaming about spring.

This morning when I got up I couldn't believe my eyes when almost ALL the snow was gone!  The sun was shining beautifully and it was warming up the living room.  So I made a cup of coffee and just basked in the beauty of the morning and thinking how I absolutely cannot wait for winter to be OVER and for flowers and leaves to start budding.

You avid gardeners out there probably know what Gurney's is, but to those of you who aren't too big into gardening let me just tell you what it is...its AMAZING.  My mom and I look forward to it coming in the mail every single year.  It is pretty much the single most reliable symbol to the pending change in season.  Forget the groundhog...Gurney's means SPRING!  I am looking at the catalog as we speak and am getting so excited!  Not only that, but all the stores have begun stocking their shelves with seeds, planters, and even lawn furniture.  I love to take a deep whiff in the garden department.  Its almost as though it begins the thawing process in my frozen bones and I start to feel a glow.

For those of you who are looking to start gardening, I recommend picking up a catalog or going to the website posted above.  Its a bit overwhelming for me, but luckily we have a horticulturalist in the family who has promised me she'd help me pick out some beautiful flowers and veggies that can be grown as pots as we can't have a garden here.  Am I excited?  You BETTCHA!

Its clouding over now and I think we are going to get more rain but I will take that over snow ANY day of the week.  My mom had the foresight to bring my golashes (um...water boots, ya know!) and I have my big umbrella so BRING IT ON SPRING!

I have LOTS of cleaning to do today.  My dad, and possibly my mom are coming up this weekend for a visit and as ever, I want the place spotless.  AND, my beloved aunt and uncle are stopping through to see the place on Monday as they drive back from Indianapolis where my cousin and his family lives.  I CANNOT wait to see them...I'll introduce them later but I'll just say now, they are amazing people.

And here is the recipe I promised!  We call it "Russian Tea" in my family.  Turns out Beau's sister makes it too but I don't know what she calls it. Here it is:

 Russian Tea
2 Cups Tang
1 Package Lemonade Kool-Aid
1/2 Cup Sugar
1/2 Cup Instant Tea
1 Teaspoon of Cinnamon
1/2 Teaspoon Ground Cloves
1/2 Teaspoon of Nutmeg

add to taste to a cup of hot water and ENJOY!

I wanted to share this with you all quick.  Well, since we have a "washroom" now of COURSE you need a little something to make it cute right?  I have a passion for antiques and pick them up whenever I can (hence the tin the tea is in) and even though this isn't a antique, I HAD to get it.  It was $3 AND it has a Beagle on it!
Check out Hobby Lobby if you like cute home decor too.  I try to support this chain as much as I can because of their Christian beliefs.  And they're prices are so great, you really can't beat them!

Alright!  Well, I am off to vacuum and then head to the store to pick up ingredients for yet another new recipe!

In God's Love,


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