Thursday, November 1, 2012

Its NOVEMBER!!!!!!

November...its my FAVORITE month because my most favorite holiday is on its way.  Thanksgiving!

I don't know why, but I find this month so romantic.  The colors, the love, and the pure happiness of the holiday.  Being all together and focusing on the many many gifts the Lord has given us through the year.  I love Thanksgiving.  Yummy food and just... HAPPINESS.

We are officially counting down to Christmas, and the holiday music has begun to play on the radio stations.  And despite some hardships we're facing, we are home this year and we will be surrounded by the ones we love.  And that alone makes all the stress disappear.  Yes, I am looking forward to this month indeed.

Yesterday I started on some Christmas presents.  This year I am trying to make everything.  There have been tons of great gift ideas posted on pinterest and I looked into some of them.  I always liked the idea of homemade gifts and even though I am not as crafty as I'd like to be, I am excited for how these gifts turn out.

Halloween has passed, but here are some pictures of the pumpkins we carved!

I also tried a recipe for apple brownies recently.  Lets just say for this recipe, I need to follow it and not make substitutions.  So they didn't turn out the best because I tried to substitute apple sauce for butter.  Needless to say, it needs to be made with butter...

Apple Brownies

Personally, I don't care for Martha Stewart at all.  I think she's pretty full of herself and pretty snobbish. A few years back she was a celebrity judge at the Iowa State Fair.  She said that the place was dirty and smelled like cows.  DUH woman!  You're judging livestock, what to you expect!  As a former 4Her and a lover of cows, I was pretty offended by it.  Unfortunately, I do love apples.  You can find the recipe here I want to try them again as a friend made them and said they were pretty amazing.  If you try them out, let me know what you think!

And since this is the month of Thanksgiving, I hope to be experimenting with lots of recipes to find the perfect ones for our family get togethers!  

And who can resist their crock pot?!  With the impending frigid months, I love to get out the ole cooker and just settle in for the winter.  I found a blog,, that posted 30 plus fall crock pot recipes !  Maybe you'll find one in here for YOUR family celebrations this Thanksgiving!

Last but not least... a little pic I found to honor my favorite month...


In Gods Love,

Kenz, the Midwest Wife

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