Sunday, April 8, 2012


Easter is one of my most favorite holidays.  I love hiding little treats for the nieces and nephews, being surrounded by family, and hearing the good news at church.  But the most precious thing about this day is the fact that this is the day Jesus LIVES! 


It isn't very often that I am not a little teary eyed when sitting in church.  Its such a sacred, safe, and warm place to be.  The Lord is all about you and you can just feel his presence in a way that can't be described.  It's absolutely overwhelming for me. 

He is here with us.  He is in the air we breathe, the beautiful colors we see in the landscape around us.  He is in the hugs and smiles of those we love, and even in complete strangers.  I have seen the Lord work first hand in so many things in my life but there is one instance that I have to share with everyone I meet.  It still blows me away thinking about it...

When Beau and I were living in New York some friends of ours came to visit us for the weekend.  We had all these things we wanted to do and one of the things we wanted to do led us to Brooklyn.  After some delicious pizza and roaming around it started to get dark and we decided we should catch the subway and head back to our apartment in Queens.  In all our walking around, we had gotten completely and totally lost and ended up in a not so nice part of Brooklyn looking for the subway.  Where the guys were calm and trying to lead us girls to where they thought was the direction of the subway, us girls we're starting to get very cold, very tired, and very...scared.  Just then, when I thought for sure we were going to have to hail a cab and pay for a very expensive cab ride over to the next borough, a man dressed in all white, singing, and carrying a bible turned the corner and asked us if we needed help.  There was something about this man that was so peaceful.  Its almost as if, instead of the dark of the evening, he saw bright and brilliant sunlight.  It was almost as if he was delighting in something we could not see.  It was incredible.  He led us to the subway and then was gone.  I truly believe he was angel sent to us from our Father to get us home safely.

This past week has been a challenging one for me.  I began my new job and even though I am so thankful for the income, it isn't what I hoped it would be.  It put me in such a terrible mood all week and I couldn't WAIT til Friday to roll around.  My heart has been heavy all week, but I think its because I wasn't handing it over to the Lord.  I just need to have faith that He will provide me with the perfect job when the time is right and in the meantime, He probably has me working there for a reason.  Today in church we talked about being a "contagious Christian".  Hmmm.  Maybe this is my chance.

I apologize to all my friends out there.  I am so far behind on blogging and following my friends in their lives.  I hope this coming week I will get the chance to catch up on you all!

I hope you have all had a blessed Easter and that you have felt the Lord all about you.  This truly is a day to celebrate.  Thank you Jesus!

In Gods Love,


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